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Whether found solo on-stage behind a Rhodes piano performing inspiring soulful material, coaxing electrifying lead riffs over funk grooves from an angular white keytar, or surrounded by a sea of interactive soundscape creating gadgets, future jazz-soul vocal artist Hannah Taylor Jackson has an astonishing breadth of musicality.

With an extensive vocal range, she is as at home performing intimate atmospheric ballads with fluid soulful adlibs as she is slipping into the raw power of a Soul diva. Her performances are inspirational, innovative and dynamic.


Her Debut EP 'Roots' was well received by UK press and Jackson and band toured the UK and Europe including Glastonbury, Kendall Calling and Monteflavio Festival in Rome. 


Currently, Jackson is working on a series of live videos exploring interactive technologies through song.


She is also putting the finishing touches to an album alongside critically acclaimed producer/keyboard player Matt Steele under the name ‘First Person’

The album boasts urban grooves and synths mixed with luscious orchestral string arrangements and vocal sections. Think Rotary Connection meets Joni Mitchell, Laura Mvula meets Omar - it's set to be a modern day classic.

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