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Thankfully, “TBNH” has  many engaging moments, lyrically and sonically. Over a sensually screeching lead guitar, Angie Stone sings, “When love grew colder than the night / We learned how to take a lover’s spark and turn it into a fire” on “Together”, a track that reminds that love requires fighting endurance (Pop-Mag)

As a Classically trained composer, Jackson has a robust and versatile writing style. Recent writing collaborations include top-lining for Acid Jazz legends on their recent critically acclaimed album TBNH on 'Dance it Out' and 'Together' feat. US soul diva and Grammy nominee Angie Stone. Other 'pop' collabrations include 'Lily Jo', 'Hannah Atkins', and Becky Higg.

Hannah has written for Classical groups such as The Goldberg Ensemble, The New Ensemble and Fish Percussion Duo and has also produced music for media with brands including First Choice Holidays, Synseal Windows, the UK Diabetic association, BMI, Richer Sounds and Tameside Museum.






Haiku Suite for Mezzo-Soprano and orchestra

Plus ça change...

for piano , trombone and vibraphone

Rude Awakenings

For piano and orchestra

Go To Sleep and Dream

For two pianos

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